WELCOME! Our official Division 17 home page can be found at http://kiwanisdiv17.8m.net/#kcdi17.htm. Our page is designed to tell you a little bit about our clubs' projects and give you e-mail contacts for each of them. We are proud of our past lieutenant governors and all that they have done for the division, so you can contact them if you would like to tap into their experiences as well.

The older clubs in our division were orginally part of Division One. When a redivisioning was proposed in 1975 due to the growth of membership, these clubs were designated Division One West for the 1976-77 transitional year. Rockville's Frank Gobes was lieutenant governor during that year. Division 17 officially began in the 1977-78 Administrative Year and Leisure World's Carroll Shaw was the first lieutenant governor for the Division. Since then we have continued to build clubs as you can see listed below. We are unique in the Capital District in that our division is totally within a single county -- other divisions cross county lines.

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